75% done

yeay!!!i just finish my 3rd out of four  subject this semester..although i gotta admit that i was a bit scared with paper at the beginning, it turned out just fine and the next paper would be next wed...so i have one free week to download everything, i mean EVERYTHING!!!concerts, tv shows, dramas, movies and definitely need to clean up my memories.gonna be a tough job to do~~
any how, glad it is almost over..cant wait to go back to my hometown..i wish asia is just next door~~
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just finish solid mechanics exam...one heavy burden less!!!fuuh ~~~
criously wanna go back to the me who watch plenty of Jap Drama, movies, concerts and all!!!
exam exam go away come again another day~~
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i gotta stop sleeping!!!gotta start studying for exam...aiyoyo..just too lazy and haha only watchinh concerts and dramas...omg what is happening to me!!!!jia you!!!:)

31 days to exam..
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kakkoi pi

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three more days to holidays!!!paris here i come..the electronic test wasnt that bad but i dunno how to answer 1 question...oh well..at least i did my part..
things to do-
  1. clean my room
  2. do my laundry b4 going to france
  3. print all the past year paper to do during easter..
funny they call it holiday..to me it is just study leave..b4 the final exam..kowaiii!!!!!

here i go ..gonna watch mago2x arashi, kami no shizuku~~~
6.15-rehearsal at Art Lecture Theatre...:)
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poor imeyks..it seems that she is so occupied with homeworks...hehehe as for me i got this test next week!!!!kowaii!!!!

gotta study for test next week!!start doing rehersal for our msia nite..

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zombie-like..this is me ryte now..gosh cant wait for the spring break and go to france asap!!!!!!insya Allah hopefully everything goes well....i look at my fren's pix just now and that made me realised how grateful i am to be here now in Uk taking one of the  best mech eng education..although the alllowance wasnt really that great but yet m thankful...Alhamdulillah~~~
back to busines..final exam in less than 2 months...kowaii!!!!
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today is going to be one  very busy week ..cos i had drawings to do, lessons to catch up and a Malaysian Night on the last day of classs....gonna be so occupied with work..gosh i wanna just finish my studies here and go back..there's no place like home ryte..

please please be hardworking and catch up with studies..need to achieve first honor degree!!!insya Allah~:P
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hate technical drawing..sumtime i wonder why am i doing engineering, why not medicine..adoi..well things happen for a reason..i do LOVE studying but hate the practical part of it..
concentrating to finish my op-amp lab report..need to finish this by tomorrow then gonna catch up with my studies..jia you!!!!ganbatte!!!!

weekly resolution..
be stoic-hehe like ueda~~~:P

waiting patiently for kami no shizuku..the finale is today...wanna know the ending badly....
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saturday is such a fine day..get sum times to watch my dramas while studying ..(2 in 1)..

in an hour my friend from bristol is coming..yeah!!!!and i still need to finish solid mechanics..fun2x...

next 2 weeks, got test, covers 23.3% of the whole marks. kowaii!!!!!!
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what a wonderful day i woke up to!!!!so happy.friday is here and cant wait for the weekend..countibg down days to go back hoe..i guess i am homesick..gosh 1 year not seieng your family is sooooo hard!!!!
2 more weeks to go to France~~yeah~~~